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CHAT Pro Wrestling Leaks Discussion

Discussion in 'Celebrity Extra' started by vgfan, Oct 8, 2017.

  1. tw1sted

    tw1sted New Member

    I'd assume many have heard that rumor, I just find it odd no one has come out and confirmed it or any other guys she may of been with. Not like with Melina, Kelly etc. where an actual wrestler goes on record and confirms it. How close were these connections?
    She does have that one pic floating around that came out during the original Fappening, I believe. Didn't the guy with her set supposedly delete them cause he was afraid of being caught or something? I just find it hard to believe he would delete such a set and not just save them to a USB or whatever.
  2. James2

    James2 ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆


    TERRASTAR18 Well-Known Member

    Who is that?
  4. JonnyVenom

    JonnyVenom New Member

  5. ironmikeyv

    ironmikeyv ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    maria kanellis
    TERRASTAR18 likes this.
  6. ironmikeyv

    ironmikeyv ★ ★ ★ ☆ ☆

    I don't get why they are teasing her pics. She's been nude in playboy and got topless in a movie. More topless pics are always a good thing but man that wait is killing me.
    TERRASTAR18 and vgfan like this.
  7. Mic50

    Mic50 Well-Known Member

    Bc they are seemingly trying to trade.
    TERRASTAR18 likes this.
  8. vgfan

    vgfan Well-Known Member

    Well, I moderated one former World champion/current Hollywood actor's message boards for a few years and got to meet him the day before Wrestlemania 24 in a private meeting with the other staff members he'd known for years. I was in regular contact with Sinn Bodhi aka Kizarny for some time through social media. Briefly dated a former wrestler who went on to retire after a bunch of injuries (I won't even say who she was, before anyone asks). Through her, I talked to a few indy performers (mostly female). I've got a bunch of indy talents and podcasters following me on social media as I speak, actually.

    Not sure if any of that helps in any way.

    Yeah, I saw that at the time and spoke to him on and off for a year or two after. I told him before to find people he trusted (hinting at myself included in that, since he gave me some of the Serena Deeb and Seleziya Sparx images that didn't leak until a few years later and I'd never dropped or traded them myself) but then in our next communique, he'd deleted everything out of fear of being arrested but had found "some topless shots of Heidi Lovelace" (aka Ruby Riot, which later leaked).

    He claimed to have a lot of Velvet, Angelina Love and Paige, all of them including pics, videos and the like, but only Paige's ever came out.
    ringojuna likes this.
  9. MrConnoisseur

    MrConnoisseur Well-Known Member

    Trish was the top of the food chain among Divas in her prime, her image was protected as hell, similar to Cena's image.

    CM Punk fucked just about every Diva on the WWE roster and was known backstage as "the real Divas champion" but you never really heard about it. Some people know how to keep things private and others the company will simply protect.

    Melina was never the top dog and a lot a people hated her backstage.
    vgfan likes this.
  10. vgfan

    vgfan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, the only Punk stuff that came out was when he cheated on Daffney with Traci Brooks back in ROH, him and Maria Bennett being an item and her coming out after they broke up to say he didn't treat her very well, then Lita publicly outed their relationship accidentally and then tweeted when they broke up after she found out he'd been cheating on her with AJ Lee. AJ even avoided Lita's HOF induction, despite being a lifelong fan of hers growing up, because Lita genuinely wanted to hurt her.

    There were more, but that's all we know thanks to some people talking about it.

    Melina Perez even outed herself as a nymphomaniac in WWE Magazine years before Kendrick and London did the shoot interview that revealed Johnny Mundo was into the cuckold fetish (plus I guess didn't mind her fucking other guys to satisfy her own constant needs, so long as he could watch).
  11. fapper1

    fapper1 Well-Known Member

    I miss the good old days of wrestling when guys like the Macho Man wouldn't let their women out of their sight or even look at another man. SMFH at today's generation.
    riddles123 likes this.
  12. tw1sted

    tw1sted New Member

    Yeah I know about Melina's rep from before. I just assume that for the most part, the likes of Torrie, Lita, Trish, Victoria etc. were/are well liked so people won't throw them under the bus and reveal info. Although with Cena, there are extremes with him lol(like Tarver, Alex Riley etc.).

    Here's another Maryse preview:

    swae, Showstopper57 and ursifialbi like this.
  13. SDLRob

    SDLRob Above Average

    TBH, that could be any pair of big tits...
    vgfan likes this.
  14. fapper1

    fapper1 Well-Known Member

  15. vgfan

    vgfan Well-Known Member

    You do realise guys were doing what we call the cuckold fetish for centuries, right? Plus Macho Man was a pretty abusive guy, which is why Elizabeth eventually left him. He'd lock her in rooms and keep the key until he was ready to leave the building because he was so paranoid.
  16. vgfan

    vgfan Well-Known Member

    Yeah, I'd like more evidence, such as a face shot of her wearing that exact bikini top.
  17. tw1sted

    tw1sted New Member

    Ask and you shall receive ;)

    swae and Showstopper57 like this.
  18. fapper1

    fapper1 Well-Known Member

    Was meant to be a joke. And the cuckold fetish has grown in popularity mainly because of free access to porn via the internet. As for Macho Man being the way he was. Everyone in wrestling knows you never leave your wife alone with the boys. Just ask Chris Candido RIP.
    ringojuna likes this.
  19. fapper1

    fapper1 Well-Known Member

    Photos of her boobs in a bikini top and an email means nothing. Show a censored pic and then you know there's nudes of her.
    Mic50 and vgfan like this.
  20. vgfan

    vgfan Well-Known Member

    Sorry, my bad, text is shit at picking up on things like that.

    I guess it does depend on the woman, though. Tammy did that to Chris because they were both teenagers when they got into the business anyway and she was hot and knew it, so she took advantage. Liz always had an air of loyalty. I don't think Beulah did anything with anyone once she and Dreamer got together. I may be wrong, though.

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